We design, manufacture & install timber roof trusses...


    With more than 14 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of roof trusses, the Cedar Roof Trusses team offers fast, friendly, professional service on any roof. As a young company, based near the Mooikloof Estate in Pretoria, we are driven to deliver and promise customer satisfaction every time. Our professionally trained design team can design any shape and size of roof truss, including attic trusses, exposed trusses, rafters, beams and floor beams.


    We are able to assist in any planning of a new roof structure or an existing roof that requires re-roofing. Our team is proficient at providing roof truss solutions that are not only competitive and cost effective but practical to install as well.

    All trusses fabricated according to SABS 1900:2002 and the ITC (Institute for Timber Construction) which oversees all industry activities includes:

    • Nail Plate Manufacturing,

    • System Certification,

    • Truss Plant Certification,

    • Training of designers, estimators, detailers, erectors, carpenters

    • Inspections of completed roof structures

    All our roof truss deliveries are prompt and efficient due to our custom built trailer and on-site unloading.


    Whether you are a builder, building designer, renovator, planning a new project, an architect, contractor or developer, feel free to contact us for more information, specifications, assistance or support on any roofing enquiries you may have, we will gladly assist in any matter.

    On request we can also supply a selection of products, which include:

    • SA Structural Pine, Timber

    • Brandering,

    • Tiles from: Marley Roofing, Coverland and Infraset.